Police Engagement And Community Excellence Police Engagement And Community Excellence New Layer Building Trust between Police and the People Police Engagement And Community Excellence Healing Relationships between People and Police New Layer People and Police Police Engagement And Community Excellence Bridging the Divide between People and Police

FACT: Communities Depend on Police

To maximize the effectiveness, the people of the community also need to TRUST their police.

While distrust and the reasons for it are debatable, we believe the needed change requires understanding and communication.

EVERYONE in the community wants PEACE, safety, freedom, and respect.

It’s time to work TOGETHER to achieve it

The PEACE program

PEACE uses officers with success to bring professional development and customer service skills to police departments

WHILE working with community leaders to improve understanding of police mentality, methods and procedures

PEACE is DESIGNED specifically to bridge the gap of trust between police and community


  • This shows that 82% of officers are INTERESTED in our training
  • 92.5% of officers WANT TO WORK WITH THE COMMUNITY

75% of officers feel that diversity, bias, and development instructors are attacking them, don’t appreciate them, or misunderstand them

They need something different, so we bring that to them.

Officer feelings from training chart